Why we haven’t finished our novels …

I love The Onion. It’s a satirical take on the news that never fails to make me laugh.

Here is The Onion’s take on “why I haven’t finished my novel.” My favourite? “Have already mined every aspect of being a goddamned attorney in the American South.” (Although the real reason I haven’t finished my third novel is because I keep reading stories like this in The Onion.)

This story from The Onion cracked me up because my Cuban pathologist, Hector Apiro, is also a dwarf. It got me thinking for some reason (no doubt an excuse to stop working on novel three) about my characters.

My inspiration for  Apiro was Peter Dinklage. I think he’s got that mixture of intelligence and depth that more than makes up for his height: exactly the characteristics I was looking for in Apiro, who is not only brilliant but probably the most grounded of the characters in the book. 

The Cuban inspector, Ramirez, has some Afro-Cuban in him. I’m thinking that José Zúñiga, who impressed me with his warmth and wit on an episode of Off the Map, could fit the bill, although one of my agents thinks Rufus Sewell would be a  good choice for that role as well.

How much fun is that, thinking about your characters visually and then imagining the actors who most closely resemble the mental image you’ve developed for them? 

It’s another excuse not to write, but I have a feeling that when I put pen to paper next (or fingers to keyboard), it will be easier, because I’ll have these images in my mind. (Assuming of course, I can stop reading The Onion for a while.)

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2 Responses to Why we haven’t finished our novels …

  1. ralfast says:

    I’ve based all the characters of my first book on the actors I thought should play them. And because I’m a “fan” of Harry Potter, I could not resist casting some important characters with HP actors such as Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.


  2. Peggy Blair says:

    Sounds like fun! (And imagine the screenplay :-))


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