More encouraging news for debut authors…

I’ve blogged here before — all too frequently — about how hard it is to get published, how book sales are down, how advances are lower than they were, how much higher the slushpile is getting … well, you’ve heard it.

And not just on this blog, I’m sure. The bad news is everywhere. E-books are destroying the marketplace. Amazon is evil. Bookstores are closing. Writers can’t get published. Right?

Well, here’s the good news. In fact, great news!!!!

One of our own AW  ‘Next Circle of Hell’ writers — Jay Kristoff, or ‘Kristoff,’ as we know him — has landed a three book deal, World English rights, in what they call a ‘good deal’ (ie. one involving an advance of between $ 100,000 and $ 25o,000).

Two publishers went toe-to-toe for his book. (Originally, there were three, but one bowed out). Yes!!! This, folks, is what they call an auction!

Here’s the link to Jay’s blog where he announces the news, his shock at it, (from which he is still recovering)  and where he’ll explain, once he has recovered, how the genteel bidding process took place. A full recovery is expected once it hits home that yes, he hit the freaking Mother Lode!  

Kristoff writes dystopian steam-punk fantasy novels set in Japan (Stormdancer is the first).

Which means I really have no idea what he writes. (I am a woman of a certain age, after all, from the era of pen and ink, rotary phones,  black and white television sets that had only one channel  … you get the picture. Steam-punk, I’m afraid, is not part of my vernacular.)

But I can’t wait to read his book when it comes out in 2012.

Congrats, Mr. Kristoff!  And congrats to your New York agent, Matt Bialer, for pulling this one off. Well-played.

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2 Responses to More encouraging news for debut authors…

  1. Thank you ma’am 🙂

    Steampunk basically = a historical setting with technology beyond that which you would normally find in the setting (so, airships, ‘tesla’-guns, lots of strange contraptions and mad-scientist types). Picture Jules Verne and you’re on the right track. But modern SP usually involved some kind of saucy lady in a corset, with artfully arranged smears of grease on her… goggles.

    Traditionally, SP is set in Victorian England or colonial America. But I say that rules are made to be broken. 🙂


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