Translations …

With foreign rights for The Beggar’s Opera sold  in Norway, Germany and Holland, I’m wondering how the translations will be done. And how I’ll know if they were accurate or not, since I speak none of these languages.

Here’s a very funny clip of a Hungarian interview with Madonna that lost something in the English translation. (“I’m working like a canine.”) Enjoy, friend who is a girl!

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One Response to Translations …

  1. Prevod Prevodi says:

    I have just read interesting article about translation of the Rene Goscinny’s i Albert Uderzo’s comic book “Asterix” to Serbian language, for which article writer claims that it was even better then the French original. He says that translator have, not wanting to ruin original jokes but still wanting to add his own mark, used altered names of roman cities mentioned in the comic book, to make his own fanny names. Names like GoodRum, BrokenDrum or GaelicDelirium. Ha, Ha.


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