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And now, the second in the series by guest blogger, Anne Devereux. Today’s tips:  links, images, and who to stalk!


You can pretty much say anything you like – but bear in mind that tweets can be screen-capped, cut & pasted and posted anywhere by anyone, at any time, without your permission or knowledge.  So, especially if you’re posting in your capacity as a professional of any kind, think before you tweet!

You can post links in your tweets.  To cut their length, bearing in mind you only have 140 characters to play with, everyone uses TinyURL.  This incredibly useful site simply takes your long URL and makes it – well – tiny. 

As well, you can post pictures on Twitter using various applications such as yfrog and twitpic.  You build up your own little photo album on Twitter and people can view and comment on your pictures.

The whole point of Twitter is to interact with others, so the next step is to find some people to follow.  You can look up the names of people you know, or famous personalities you’re interested in. 

As a writer, I follow literary agents, other authors, including some famous authors (@neilhimself (Neil Gaiman), for example), publishers and musicians, as well as real-life friends and acquaintances of mine.  I also follow randomly interesting people who catch my eye.  There are no rules – just follow a bunch of folks you find intriguing.  (Trust me, if you follow only publishers and agents, your timeline is going to be rather boring!)

Your timeline consists of the tweets of all the people you are following, as they tweet, in real time.  You can reply to them, but if they’re not following you and presumably don’t know you from a hole in the ground, they will probably not reply.  Don’t take this personally! 

Tweeting is at first a little bit like walking into a party where nobody knows you, and trying to make conversation.  Just keep posting interesting tweets, and replying to people you find interesting, and eventually you’ll start to get followers of your own.

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