Round-up IV

Round-up is where I pull together stories that have caught my attention in the news. Here’s a story that establishes the importance of getting facts right when writing  screenplays for television. Bad enough to be conned by an ex-con pretending to be a lawyer. This one based his legal knowledge on the TV shows he watched. Yikes. (I suppose the people he conned watch the same shows.)

In other legal news, oh my, that poor Winnipeg Superior Court judge whose lawyer- husband posted compromising photographs of her on the Internet. She’s learning that what happens on the Internet, stays on the Internet. Which, of course, has nothing to do with writing, but damn, it’s just one of those stories that won’t go away.

If I put a judge in one of my books whose husband took nude photographs of her in bondage, posted them on a website involving, shall we say, rather well-endowed black men, and then introduced her to a black client he wanted her to have sex with, it would seem pretty far-fetched.

But that’s exactly what happened in my old hometown of Winnipeg. Oh, Canada. The things we do up here to stay warm. In fact, it could be the plot of a book … hmmm.

Hard to know who to kill off in that story. The client who accepted money to settle a harassment complaint, kept the photographs he was supposed to destroy, and then went running to the civil courts for more cash, despite his confidentiality agreement? (The husband’s lawyer has accused the client of being a con man, too.)

Or the idiotic lawyer who urged his own client to get a leg over his wife? Oops, make that the  ‘depressed’ husband. That was King’s explanation: that he was suffering from depression at the time and wasn’t acting rationally. Most depressed people I know have a hard time getting out of bed, must less trying to get others to join them in it.

Speaking of getting a leg up, The Brantford Expositor ran a story this week about the need for Canadian publishers to get one, given that they help us tell our stories. Good point. My home paper, The Ottawa Citizen, posted a ‘ten best 2010 mysteries’ list that was penned by a Florida writer.

Florida makes me think of warmer climes and exotic animals. Which brings us to a very funny TV clip illustrating  sparkling dialogue  and how even an otter knows better than to have nude photos on the Net. Gotta love the BBC.  Don’t miss watching this one: it really is laugh out loud funny. Alan! Alan! Alan! (Short version below.)

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