Be it Resolved…

New Year’s goals. I’m not going to call them ‘resolutions,’ because I’ve never kept any of them before. No, I’ll call them ‘goals,’ and a year from now, I’ll post them up and see how I made out.

Tell people when I care. 2010 was a year that tackled some of my friends with all the heft of a linebacker, and knocked them reeling. I’m starting to think life is like Watership Downs, where those little rabbits keep trying to cross the highway and there are random, senseless casualties. I want to do better at letting people know I care about them. Make that, ‘love them.’ That’s not something I’m all that good at. So it’s time now, to get better at it. Because there may not be time later on.

Spend more time at the lake.  It’s where I feel peaceful, calm, and happy. And I write there like a fiend. 16,000 words one weekend. Not sure how to make this one work, with my new career in real estate in Ottawa, but it’s a goal for sure.

And not just to write, but to spend more time exploring the places around my cottage, like Frontenac Park. The farmers’ markets. And Kingston.  Another goal: to share this gem more often with my friends. Hear that everyone? Door’s open. Come on over. It’s the most beautiful place on the planet. Let’s enjoy it together.

Walk the dog. For that matter, walk me more often.

Get more engaged with other writers. I’ve met a lot of my colleagues on Crime Writers of Canada through Facebook. But I’ve only met a couple of them in person. Ottawa has a phenomenal group of mystery writers. It’s time I started attending their events and see if I can’t line up the occasional cup of coffee, get to know these talented people better.

Finally, look after my biggest asset. No, not my house, or even my cottage. And not even my business. Me. Because if I’m not properly nourished – physically, mentally and emotionally, nothing else will get the care it needs.

I will take time on Monday to check out fitness centres and yoga. And I will walk the dog. Regularly. Because he can’t walk himself, and I made that commitment when I brought him into the family: I just haven’t lived up to it. Putting him in the car and driving him a few blocks is not the same.

Hear that, Scout? We’ll start today.

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