More on my DCMA complaint…

After a website reproduced one of my entire blog posts and took credit for it, I filed a copyright complaint with the host server which disabled the content 48 hours later. Here’s the update from Hostgator:


Just as a notification, the material was disabled for a long period of time, and the customer has decided to remove it entirely from their blog, and the domain itself is back online, but the content is not :

Please let us know if you see any further issues. Thank you.”

I’m impressed with these guys. They acted quickly. They kept me in the loop. And they followed up. Which all goes to show that if someone does plagiarize your blog, at least one server will act on it. Good on ’em.

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4 Responses to More on my DCMA complaint…

  1. Rahul says:

    Hi Peggy,
    Read about your ‘fight for justice’ at
    Glad to see that you managed to pull down the content.
    I just wish such guys could be put down for good!

    Iam facing the same!
    One of the articles on my blog has been copied verbatim.
    Here’s my article

    and the plagiarist’s

    The worst part is, for all relevant keywords google shows it well above mine?!
    I shot a hard worder letter to the admin. Didn’t work!
    I have filed a complaint with DMCA, it’s been 4 days. No response yet!!
    Any suggestions?


    • Peggy Blair says:

      Each server is supposed to have someone whose job is to respond to these complaints. Here’s the post I did that links to the various websites that provide that information. The complaint has to meet specific requirements of the statute or they can ignore it. So, check out the links and make sure yours conforms. (Ie. a strong letter isn’t sufficient — there’s a format letter that has certain declarations in it that has to be used). Hope this helps!


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