Doug Savage and the Savage Chickens

I love Doug Savage! He’s an amazing cartoonist with a unique, satirical eye. And he has been kind enough to give me free rein to use his cartoons in this blog whenever I want to. Which I do often, because I love, love, love his stuff. Thanks so much, Doug!

I’ve posted a link to the Savage Chickens in the blogroll but here it is as well – do check it out. Along with cartoons, Doug also sells merchandize on his website like mugs and you can subscribe there to get his cartoons delivered to your inbox every day as well.

I plan on ordering a couple  of mugs for friends: his one on hallucinations works perfectly with the theme of my book.  (I also want to talk to him as things progress about some marketing possibilities for The Beggar’s Opera, given how often ‘chickens’ and coffee pop up in my novel. Another thing to run by my new editor.)

Here’s one of Doug’s older cartoons that I came across  this weekend that cracked me up. It reminds me of a note my daughter, Jade, at around age six, left in her room. It said, ‘where are my shoes. I wander.’ Pure Haiku.  Enjoy!

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