The plagiarist apologizes, sort of.

I received an email from the owner of this morning in response to my ‘cease and desist’ letter. For those of you not familiar with this saga, posted the entire contents of one of my most popular posts without any attribution.

In fact, my blog was passed off as having been written ‘by Author Course.’ There was a link below the post (several lines down) which referred to “google search blog getting published.” My name appeared nowhere in the post or in that link.

Attempts to email were unsuccessful. Comments posted by me on the blog asking for attribution or deletion were ignored, even though they were moderated. I filed a notice of claim of copyright infringement with the host server and sent a ‘cease and desist’ letter.

Authorcourse was notified by Hostgator of the claim and given 48 hours to respond (it didn’t). Hostgator then disabled the content.

Given that context, here is the apology. You’ll note it suggests that did me a favour by posting my content on its website.

When I train people in negotiations, I usually point out that there’s little value to an apology if it’s not sincerely offered. But since the content is down (one way or another), the apology is accepted. Here it is:

“I have just received your letter and I am quite sorry about the content that was placed on my website.I have quite a few websites and have 2 webmasters so this was not brought to my attention till your letter arrived.

I have had the content in question removed and I apologize. I will not be ‘demanded’ to post an apology.

It seems to be quite ironic though that the article has a link to your website and that here in the States that site is number 1 in the Google search engine in competition with over 210,000,000 pages, that you would mind the exposure, but to each is [sp] own.

Once again I am sorry for the mix-up no harm no foul meant.”

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