Nathan Bransford

I’m really sorry to hear that Nathan Bransford, of Curtis Brown, is leaving to work on social media for CNET. Nathan was an amazing agent. He managed, despite juggling a daily blog, work, demanding clients, travel and a family, to write a couple of novels as well.

Jacob Wonderbar and the Cosmic Space Kapow is a middle grade novel to be published in 2011; I understand the second one is on the way.

I met Nathan, like everyone else,  through querying. He asked for a full on my manuscript, and was kind enough to give me extensive feedback on it. When I revised, he willingly re-read the whole darn thing and gave me that same thoughtful, specific feedback once again.

I never had the guts to go back to the well a third time, but  I have my own wonderful agent(s) now so things worked out fine.

Nathan will be missed , I’m sure. He was one of those agents who I’ve talked about before: the kind who get 50 or more queries a day and yet somehow manage to make the process feel human and real.

I passed on Nathan’s name to an Irish author I had met in Harrogate who was looking for an agent in North America. He had published widely in Europe but was having problems finding an agent on this side of the pond. I emailed Nathan to let him know, not expecting to hear anything from him; by then, it had probably been a year since we’d been in touch.

I had a response within minutes, as per usual, congratulating me on the Debut Dagger nomination and thanking me for the referral.

A very classy guy. A real gentleman. I’m sorry to hear he’s leaving the business to become, as he puts in, a “publishing civilian working in the tech industry.” He promises to keep up the blog. I hope he has time. And I hope the new gig gives him a chance to breathe, to restore himself, and to get a little space so that he can keep up his writing.

Nathan, all the best.

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