Round-up I

Since the trials and tribulations of getting published can get a little tiresome, particularly during this period of waiting for rejections/offers, I’m going to link today to stories and blogs you may find interesting. (I’m a Canadian, so you can expect some, okay, lots of Canadian content.)

First of all, congrats to the Ladies Killing Circle who are featured in the November issue of More magazine this month. It should be on-line real soon.  Joan Boswell, Vicki Cameron, Barbara Fradkin, Sue Pike, Linda Wiken, and Mary Jane Maffini were apparently coached in doing the runway walk by a guy in purple high heels for their photo shoot. Shades of Top Model. Well done, ladies. I’m sure you knocked ’em dead.

If you happen to be in Ottawa, by the way, or need an excuse to come here, you can join The Ladies’ Killing Circle for “Lessons from a Life of Crime” at the Glebe-St. James United Church, 650 Lyon St. on October 23, starting at 7:30 p.m. Among other things, it will feature the infamous authors’ panel, Would I lie to you?  (And the answer of course is, yes. Writers lie for a living. We just hope to get paid for it.) Proceeds to charity.  $30 at the door. Wine and nibbles.

Now here’s an interesting story, apropos of nothing in particular. A Russian bank seized a woman’s piglet when she failed to pay her debts. Read a little further, and you will see that the woman was given the piglet for safekeeping. Makes you wonder how often the Russian banks come after livestock (“Here they are: quick – hide the pig!”). Someone must have squealed.

Speaking of Cuba, author Patrick Symmes has written a provocative story about trying to live on $20 in Cuba for 30 days ($20 being about what the average Cuban earns). You need a Harpers subscription to read the entire article but a portion is excerpted here.  

Friend and highly successful author Vicki Delaney interviews herself on why she writes what she writes (thus proving that one can spend way too much time with imaginary friends :-)). 

Linda Wiken, aka, Erika Chase, explains on Mystery Maven Canada, the challenge in writing a story where the concept has already been developed for you by someone else. A great blog, by the way, updated practically every day, and always insightful.

Anne Devereux is in the process of setting up a writer’s retreat in Nova Scotia or as she calls it, Mouse Camp. Warning: one of these pictures is disturbing if you are the kind of person who screams at snakes (personally, I love ’em). And yes, some mice were killed in the making of her blog post.

An American man has been charged with assaulting another man with a roll of toilet paper, which adds considerably to the repertoire of weapons available to the mystery writer. As one of my friends pointed out, if it was one of the horrible rough, scratchy types, this attack may have been completely justified.

And finally, our own Colonel Russell Williams, the former top Canadian pilot charged with two terrible premeditated (first degree) murders and numerous sexual assaults up here, will be pleading guilty this coming week. Speaking of toilet paper, he once tried to commit suicide by stuffing a toilet paper roll down his throat. (He left a suicide note written in mustard on his jail cell wall. I have never been able to think of him as anything other than Colonel Mustard ever since.)

Colonel Williams lived walking distance from my home at the time of his arrest. He not only escorted Prime Ministers and members of royalty but commanded the air force base. He was a rising star in the military. Scary. Really scary. (And some of you are scared of snakes???)

According to this week’s news, he will continue to receive a pension of $ 60,000 a year while serving his life sentence, but will be required to repay the $ 12,000 per month he received as salary while in custody on these charges.

That $ 60,000 annual pension, by the way, would be enough to feed 250 Cubans for an entire year at Patrick Symmes’ rates. Which is pretty frightening, too, when you think about it.

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3 Responses to Round-up I

  1. Vicki Delany says:

    Best interview I’ve ever done. Insiteful, penetrating, intelligent questions. And all ones I had ready-made answers for. Thanks for the mention, Peggy.


  2. Sue Pike says:

    You are a hoot, Peggy. I love your posts! Col Mustard indeed.


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