I thought you might find it interesting to know what royalties are likely to be for a debut book:

For the hardback edition: 10% – 30,000 copies sold, 11% on all copies sold thereafter. 

For the paperback edition: 5% – 20,000 copies sold, 6% – 40,000, 7% – 100,000, 8% on all copies sold thereafter. 
In some countries, one needs to apply for a tax exemption, otherwise 21% -30% of proceeds will be subject to withholding taxes, depending on the country. (And to think, there are some people who think they don’t need an agent and can just go to Frankfurt and get signed on their own. Even lawyers know better than to represent themselves.)
It is a bit mind-blowing to realize that 92% of the proceeds from my  book, once it’s sold, will be going to someone else, regardless of sales, before my agent gets his cut. It really is a volume business, isn’t it? 
On the other hand, as an old friend of mine once said, ‘Feed the horse and the sparrows get to eat, too.’
But it certainly does explain why so many authors are working at other jobs, and how difficult it must be to do this full-time, particularly when one has no control over the price that will be set for the book, and very little control over its marketing.
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