Good news!

The Beggar’s Opera has just been picked up by a Dutch publisher, in advance of the Frankfurt Book Fair, and there has been an offer received from a German publisher as well. My agent is pleased: it gives us momentum heading into next week’s events.

Phew. Even last night, I was wondering what it would feel like to get this far, deal with so many rejections, make so many changes, pin so many hopes on something like this, and have it not happen. And now it has. Whether this book ever gets published in English or not, it will be published in Dutch, and hopefully German as well. Finally, I’m not just an aspiring author. But an author. Imagine.

And not just a tepid response, either. I hope I’m not violating any rules of confidentiality by referring to this, but I was just so pleased (sort of like Sally Field, at the Academy Awards that they liked it; they really liked it!):

“I have read it this weekend and absolutely fell in love with it. I actually felt like I’d taken a trip to Cuba! A realistic one, not an overly romanticized one. I think Inspector Ramirez and his very well-behaved ghosts are fabulous and the setting is just perfect. I’d very much like to publish it.”

That’s the validation I guess all we aspiring authors hope for, isn’t it?

I’ve had a bottle of champagne sitting in the dining room for almost a year now, ready to pop when TBO finally found a publisher. Tonight, I think, I deserve a drink. (I’ll be toasting the Germans and the Dutch!)

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2 Responses to Good news!

  1. Simon Royle says:

    Congratulations! Great news. Happy for you. It better get picked up in English, I’d like to read it, but not enough, that I have to learn Dutch or German.


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